Saturday, May 24, 2014

Organization Shmorganization.

So, the past few days I've had to frantically find my list of things I have to take Morning/Noon/Night. It's long. So long I couldn't fit it into 1 photo.

 I am often at work for all 3 meals so I have to bring all of the things I have to take with me in the morning. This did not prove easy. It's all about finding a routine right? Well I decided that the best thing for me to do was to go get one of those crazy pill pack things that old people use. Looks something like this:

Well, these compartments didn't even fit half of the pills in it. So, there's that. On to plan b. Plan b consisted of tiny pill bags. These seemed to work much better. Once a week I will have to sit down and separate them out, but each morning I can grab the days bags and hit the road. They look something like this:

yup that's a lot of pill bags!

Now, on top of the supplements there a number of oils that I apply to the bottoms of my feet 2 times a day and a couple that I drink in my water and couple that I just put under my tongue. I have these in sample size vials that I carry with my in my bag, but those look like this:

So, now that I have gotten the organization down, my next posts will be about the differences I am or am not noticing in my body and the way I feel.
I can't wait to keep you posted. 

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