Monday, May 26, 2014

Days 1-3

Days 1-3 of  taking the recommended amounts of the essential oils was overall pretty good. I didn't feel any huge change yet. Really, the only noticeable difference was that I had a headache consistently for 2 days. I emailed Joy and asked her about it and she said it was probably because my body was detoxing. That made sense so I stuck it out. Joy actually recommended that I decrease the amount I was taking to see if that made a difference, but I decided to continue with the original amount and just get it over with. The next day I was back to feeling like myself again. Saturday (day 3) I was ravenous. Like the whole day all I wanted was protein. That was new but not necessarily connected to the essential oils. All in all it has gone pretty good with no noticeable changes though I am sure they are coming!
I've still been using the lavender for my rashes which now seem directly related to when I eat gluten, though the doctor has not yet come to that conclusion. I also have been putting drops of either Wild Orange, Lemon, or Slim and Sassy in my water multiple times a day.
These are the travel bottles I was talking about in my last post that you can buy from doTERRA.

More updates to come. 

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