Thursday, May 29, 2014

Days 4-6

I am feeling great! I haven't been able to stop taking my allergy medicine but I think that is just because I don't have the necessary oils yet! I have been taking all my pills 3 times a day and have been doing the oils only at night, but that is only because I haven't gotten in the hang of remembering to use them in the morning. I'll get it eventually. I continue to be amazed by how useful the Lavender is, at least for me! I use it so many times a day. It has helped immensely with my rashes and skin sensitivities! I am excited because Joy, (my friend I keep talking about) is coming to Virginia and she is going to teach a class about how essential oils can change your health, and it's going to be at my house! I'm so excited that she is coming up from Florida and is going to teach all of us more about essential oils! Click Here for information about the day and time. It's gonna be great and we will have snacks! Anyways, so far so good, and though my nutritional therapist weighs me everytime I see her, she doesn't tell me my weight, but she did tell me I had lost weight, and I totally attribute that to my use of the oils. Honestly I have found that knowing that I am detoxing and filling my body with things that fight the bad things, it makes me want to not eat bad things! And I drink so much citrus water- techincally its citrus fizzy water because it is my vice, (I haven't had a soda since September 4th) and it makes me want to make better choices about my health. It has been great, and I am excited to continue.

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